1. What is Your Process?
    Our process is broken down into a few key segments. Once we have an initial discovery session with the client, we outline the entire project that we’ll be working on. This outline contains all aspects of the project and our responsibilities to the client. This helps us discover more about the client and what they want out of the project.
  2. How Much Do You Charge?
    Our pricing model is a flat rate for up to 5 pages and a per-page cost after the initial 5 pages. Pricing also varies depending on whether the site is a branded theme design, or custom design.
  3. What Platforms Do You Work With?
    Our team works exclusively on the WordPress platform.
  4. Do You Offer SEO Services?
    Yes, our expert team offers Foundational on-site SEO. We do not offer ongoing SEO services.
  5. We’re Not Looking to Re-do a Site, Can You Modify What we Currently Have?
    Our team is happy to look at existing WordPress websites and give our recommendations. It would depend on specific factors as well as your clients’ overall goals. We are cautious about working on a site that another developer has built as often there are surprises under the hood. We first ask to do an “eyes-only” backend review to see how the site is built before we greenlight a website for modifications.
  6. How Do You Build a Site: Custom or Template?
    We have two different options for our WordPress websites. The first is building them from a vetted, WordPress template. This tends to be the most popular, and most cost effective. The second is custom designing the website. Our primary focus is providing our customers exactly what they need when it comes to website design.

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