Hosting & Care

We are committed to excellence in the maintenance and hosting of WordPress sites. 

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In a well performing WordPress site, all parts need to work together seamlessly. This is why our hosting service is a WordPress-specific server environment that maximizes performance, and ensures stability.

Development Hours

Many of our clients need occasional development hours whether a simple request to publish a blog post, or a more complex request for a new plugin addition and setup. 

Our standard care service includes 1 hour of development time per month. Outside of this, we simply bill our hourly rate to get your requests accomplished as needed.

Maintenance & Care

From servicing and maintenance to technical troubleshooting, we take complete care of your client’s WordPress site. And through consultation with a Care Advisor, we take care of your concerns too. 

Our standard care service includes regular plugin updates, uptime monitoring, daily backups, and security scans.

Our Gold Agency Partnership with Flywheel

We use a great combination of tools and technology to assist our workflow and giving our client’s peace of mind. This is why we have partnered with Flywheel and their team of WordPress hosting and malware experts.

We are very pleased to currently be featured on Flywheel’s partner database.

Schedule a Discovery Call

We welcome the opportunity to introduce our team and services.

Please schedule a call with owner David Marmon for an introductory call.

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