Foundational SEO

At Marmon Designs, we understand there are many factors that go into creating a successful website for your business. You need to have a great look and impressive content that will keep visitors coming back for more. But creating a website that has an eye-catching design and brilliant content is not enough if you don’t have the right foundational SEO. 


What is Foundational SEO and Why Do I Need It?

Foundational SEO is necessary any time you design or redesign a new website. The process includes extensive advanced keyword research, the implementation of 301 redirects, XML SiteMaps, and optimized title tags and meta descriptions for pages. 

White Label SEO

Our SEO team provides partner agencies with an effective approach to foundational SEO on a page by page basis. 

About Advanced Keyword Research

Focusing on keywords when adding content to your website will help your website get more attention and allow your site to rank higher in search engine results. However, Google is constantly changing how websites rank when online users search using keywords organically. That means focusing on just any keywords is simply not enough. It is also important to point out that keyword stuffing is never the right answer. 

With advanced keyword analysis from Marmon Designs, our SEO experts will conduct research and find the right top targeted keywords and phrases to use in your content that will guarantee you rank higher with the search engine giant. Our team has a vast knowledge about SEO and we stay up-to-date on all the latest changes with Google to ensure that the keywords we use with your website’s foundational SEO will bring you success. 

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