WordPress Creative Team

Creative design is a sophisticated task that requires functionality and character in every detail. Our creative team is constantly looking at inspiration and experimenting with new designs to guide user interactions. 

Our creative team is involved with every project whether a theme-based layout or full custom –  offering suggestions and finding design solutions throughout the process.

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Our approach to WordPress design can be accomplished in one of two ways: Theme-Based or Custom.

Theme-Based Design

Theme-based WordPress designs are increasingly popular as they are lower cost, and often just as appealing as a full custom design. We refer to these types of builds as “Branded, Theme Based Sites” as they are completely rebranded from the selected theme. 

Themes we utilize are full vetted by our technical team to ensure no surprises are encountered in the years ahead.

Fully Custom Design

Custom designs are the more traditional – and more costly approach to web design. This approach is where our creative team develops wireframes and subsequently full page designs before development begins.

Schedule a Discovery Call

We welcome the opportunity to introduce our team and services.

Please schedule a call with owner David Marmon for an introductory call.

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